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Adaptive Recreation
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In-Water Assessment/Sign Up Info
Adaptive Group Lessons - Otters
2024 Otters Swim Lessons
Adaptive Private Swim Lessons
2024 Adaptive Private Lessons
Adaptive Swim Club (ASC)
2024 Adaptive Swim Club (ASC)
Aquatics - Crestwood Outdoor Pool
2024 Crestwood Gators Youth Swim Team
2024 August Crestwood Gators Youth Swim Team
2024 July Crestwood Gators Youth Swim Team
2024 June Crestwood Gators Youth Swim Team
2024 Summer Crestwood Afterhour Rentals
August 2024
July 2024
June 2024
Aquatics - Indoor
2024 Adult Swim Lessons
2024 June Adult Group Lessons
2024 July Adult Group Lessons
2024 Holladay Lions Sea Lions Youth Swim Team
2024 HLRC June Sea Lions Swim Team
2024 Holladay Lions Youth Swim Lessons
2024 HLRC August Swim Lessons Saturday
2024 HLRC July Swim Lessons Saturday
2024 HLRC June/July 24-3 Monday/Wednesday Swim Lessons
2024 Youth Group Swim Lessons Assessment
2024 Parent-Tot Lessons
2024 Jun/July Parent-Tot
2024 April/May Parent-Tot
Learn -To-Play Clinics
2024 Summer Learn-To-Play Handball Clinic
2024 Summer Learn-To-Play Soccer Clinic
Summer Camps 2024
Barry Hecker's Basketball Fundamentals Camp Summer 2024
Evil Scientist Summer Camp
Power Chess Summer Camp
Spock's Skate Camp
HLRC Summer Half Day Camps (M/W/F)
HLRC Summer Full Day Camps (Tu/Th)
Evil Scientist Academy
Fall 2024 Science Classes
Fitness Certification Class
14/15 Year Old Weight Room Certification Class
Galaxy Gymnastics
Galaxy Gymnastics - Apr/May/Jun 2024
Galaxy Gymnastics - July/Aug 2024
Power Chess
Spring (Mar/Apr) 2024 Power Chess
Winter (Jan/Feb) 2024 Power Chess
Utah Shorin-Kai Karate Kobudo
Spring 2024
Summer 2024
Jin's Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy
2024 April Kung Fu
2024 May Kung Fu
2024 June Kung Fu
Youth Sports
2024 Fall Jr Bees Coach Pitch 7-9 years old
2024 Fall Jr Bees T-ball 5-6 years old
Fall Jr Bees T-ball Rookie League 3-4 years old Sesh 1
Fall Jr Bees T-ball Rookie League 3-4 years old Sesh 2
2024 Fall Youth Basketball
1st/2nd Grade Instructional Basketball - Fall 2024
Kindergarten Instructional Basketball - Fall 2024
3rd/4th Grade Recreational Basketball - Fall 2024
5th/6th Grade Recreational Basketball - Fall 2024
7th/8th Grade Basketball Class - Fall 2024
Outdoor Soccer
2024 Fall Soccer (Starting August 2024)
1st/2nd Grade Recreational League
3rd/4th Grade Recreational League
Rookie League: 3 year old
Rookie League: 4/5 YO( Not Include Kindergarten
Rookie League: Kindergarten
Track and Field
2024 Summer Youth Track and Field
2024 Youth Volleyball
Fall Youth Volleyball 3rd-4th Grade
Fall Youth Volleyball 5th-6th Grade
Fall Youth Volleyball 7th-9th Grade